HD-TVI Technology

Based on the HD-TVI high definition analogue standard, Grundig has developed its TVI high definition analogue solution.
It enables reliable long-distance analogue HD video transmission over coaxial cable. Where HD-SDI reaches a max. of 100 m,
TVI technology goes up to 500 m latency free image transmission. Analogue users can enjoy HD without replacing their
existing cabling structure and upgrading to IP.

One of the main benefits of TVI high definition analogue technology is that there is zero loss of image data and zero latency
when viewing images. This makes Grundig’s new TVI cameras ideal for applications where evidence grade images are required,
such as banks, casinos and retail environments, but where it is not viable or cost effective, to transmit the images over a network.


Users may not require the highest of resolutions across an entire site and it always comes back to understanding the operational requirement and then specifying cameras to match the specific requirements of the project. Grundig’s TVI high definition recording solutions supports self-adaptive access with normal analogue cameras, TVI cameras and even with IP cameras. What’s more, Grundig’s TVI solution offers seamless compatibility with various third-party devices that adopt the TVI high definition analogue standard as well.


Grundig’s TVI products are easy to install with various accessories and all products are equipped with coax control,
making settings much easier. TVI systems are as easy to install as previous analogue systems, and they are compatible with analogue.


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