IP Network Camera Technology

IP technology greatly increases the effectiveness of video surveillance systems.
Grundig has embraced this new technology and incorporated it into an extensive CCTV IP surveillance camera range.
The new camera range includes PTZ and anti-vandal domes, for internal and external applications,
with traditional box and specialist, compact casing designs also available.
Each Grundig IP camera has impressive functionality, meeting every current surveillance requirement.

Outstanding image quality

Grundig network cameras offer outstanding image quality, even when rapid scene movement occurs.
They offer a choice from 720 pixel HD over 1080 pixel, Full HD with 25 fps in 16:9 format up to 4K (8MP) realtime resolution.

System security and safety

Grundig network cameras contain built-in security features for comprehensive data and network protection.
System security features include an IP Filter for authorized user access to the camera’s data; image transmission
protection options; and the ability to create certified access levels to specific cameras and data within a system.
Each camera contains a Micro SD memory card, with no external access. Should a network failure occur, the video
images can be safely recorded within the camera, ... .

Intelligent motion detection

Grundig network cameras have built-in motion detection functionality, which can be easily and accurately set-up by menu.
Each camera has different motion detection zones and an individually adjustable threshold setting.
These allow motion detection parameters to match the exact needs of each application. When motion detection is triggered,
the Grundig IP cameras offer a number of alert and recording options. CCTV video data can be recorded on to the camera’s
built-in SD memory card, with pre-alarm recording. An alert email can also be sent to a PC or mobile phone to
raise the alarm. The video images can be transmitted to an FTP server, for viewing. An alarm output connection is also
provided for auxiliary device activation.

Mobile phone access with DynDNS server

A DynDNS server allows designated users to access, view, monitor and control Grundig IP cameras from anywhere in the world,
at any time. The images can be viewed via a web-enabled standard mobile phone or Smartphone. Users are also immediately alerted
to any alarms, enabling them to react quickly, wherever they are.

Ease of installation

The Grundig network CCTV cameras are designed for quick and simple installation. The IP cameras allowing
simple integration into most existing surveillance systems. Their network connection also enables remote software upgrades
as new developments and enhancements occur. Grundig IP cameras are compatible with the internationally recognised
Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard.

Set up and configuration

The Grundig set up software allows the user to adjust and monitor all the cameras’ network settings from a single menu page,
eliminating the need for time consuming and complicated configuration. Each individual camera’s configuration profile
can be copied to other cameras in the same system, making large system set up fast and efficient. Time, date and camera ID can be transmitted as part of the image data file for display in playback mode - essential for evidential purposes in some applications.

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